Timeless Terracotta: Terracotta Throughout the Ages


If you picked up a copy of Home & Antiques Magazine recently, you may have seen their feature entitled ‘Timeless Terracotta.’  What an apt title for a material that is incredibly rich in its history and form.  The term terracotta derives from the Italian terra cotta, which in turn comes from the Latin terra cocta, or ‘baked earth.’  The term was first associated with the material in the 18th century, but terracotta as an art form was used for centuries before, dating back to the Neolithic period in China (circa 6500-1600 BCE) and in ancient Greece and Rome.


We have a few pieces of terracotta in our collection, including a large painted Chinese terracotta storage vessel from the late 19th century, that is featured in the Home & Antiques article.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 11.52.20

A 19th century Chinese painted terracotta storage vessel Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection

We have included a selection of the terracotta pieces currently in the gallery below.  To learn more, click on the photograph.


A Chinese Tang Dynasty terracotta model of a horse Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection


Circle of Augustin Pajou (1730-1809), A terracotta bust of a noblewoman Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection


A large scale French terracotta vase Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection



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