Taxidermy, Part II: A Colourful History


Edwardian taxidermy case of Monal Pheasant by Peter Spicer Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection

Because one post is just not enough!  We thought we would revisit taxidermy today as we just have acquired the most wonderful antique taxidermy case with a glorious Monal pheasant by the famed taxidermist, Peter Spicer.


Photograph of Peter Spicer

Spicer was based in Leamington Spa during the Victorian era and early 20th century. Spicer’s cases are known for their characteristic painted backdrops and realistic bases made from papier-mâché, dried vegetation, and real pebbles. In addition to taxidermy, Spicer dealt in sporting trophies and catalogues of the annual trophy winners.


Label on taxidermy case of Monal Pheasant Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection

The image above shows the label on the back of our taxidermy case, showing his address in Leamington Spa and advertising the wide variety of his services.


Detail of Monal Pheasant Mackinnon Fine Furniture Collection

Monal pheasants come from the Himalayas, and they are stunning colourful members of the pheasant family. The Monal pheasant is the national bird of Nepal.

You are very welcome to come and see this magnificent piece in our gallery amongst our collection of antiques.


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