Designer Spotlight: Sophie Ashby of Studio Ashby

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Our next Designer Spotlight, Sophie Ashby of Studio Ashby, has a fascinating background.  Sophie grew up between South Africa and the UK, and at the young age of 25 she set up her interior design practice.  Sophie’s projects reflect her personality with an eye for incorporating art throughout her interiors, whether it be traditional or modern.  She can seamlessly navigate through a Georgian townhouse with classical details followed by a Edwardian Arts & Crafts interior.  It is no surprise that Sophie appeared on House & Garden’s Top 100 Interior Designer list and as one of English Home’s Rising Stars in 2018.  Today, we are looking at a few of her projects that champion art within the home.

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Burlington Gate designed by Studio Ashby 
Photograph by Philip Durant

For this Mayfair apartment, Sophie drew inspiration from the flat’s proximity to the Royal Academy.  The entire space is filled with an eclectic assortment of art, furniture, and design pieces that creates a striking overall impression.  We love that she included a pair of antique brass candlesticks amongst the more contemporary pieces.

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Cheyne Terrace interior designed by Studio Ashby 
Photograph courtesy of Studio Ashby

In a home on Cheyne Terrace, Sophie lets the art speak for itself.  A framed modern painting is placed in front of a large minimalist mirror, while the peacock upholstery on the modern chair creates a visual impact at first glance.

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Kings Cross interior by Studio Ashby 
Photograph courtesy of Studio Ashby

For this contemporary apartment in Kings Cross, art once again takes centre stage.  Sophie brings in a number of different traditional materials throughout the space, including brass, wood, glass, and terracotta, which all draw the eye and invite further inspection.

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The Colyer interior designed by Studio Ashby 
Photograph courtesy of Studio Ashby

Colour reigns king in this Covent Garden apartment.  Sophie thoughtfully includes an antique rug with a wonderfully rich pattern that contrasts the texture and design of the neutral wallpaper.  The triptych of portraits, with its bold primary coloured hues, serve as a spotlight in the room.


The Colyer interior designed by Studio Ashby 
Photograph courtesy of Studio Ashby

And now, to bed.  For this Covent Garden apartment, a series of framed black and white photographs accent the wall above the bed.  The patina of the wooden frames is echoed in the small chest beside the bed, and the blue tones of the bed’s textiles balance the warmth of the rich timbers.

We are looking forward to seeing Sophie’s latest projects, which includes designs for One Crown Place in London as well as one in Greenwich Peninsula.  Have a look at Studio Ashby’s website for more views of her interiors and follow her on Instagram for up-to-the-minute design inspiration.


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