Mackinnon’s Summer Lamps Catalogue Now Published

We launched our summer lamps catalogue this week, and are delighted to share it with you. Have a look at the catalogue on our website here.

These lamps are the perfect complement to any interior: with a mix of both antique and modern examples, the following collection reflects timeless designs and styles. 

Each of the lamps presented in the following pages has been selected for its fine quality and decorative appeal.  The lamps represent a wide variety of cultures and styles, including examples from China, Japan, Holland, France, and England. 

The lamps range in size and scale, from the small scale English colza oil gilt metal lamps to the impressive large scale Chinese Imari lamp measuring just under two feet in height. 

Many of the lamps are presented with attractive hand-gilded turned bases, and all of our lamps can be wired for use worldwide.   A variety of card, linen or silk lampshades are available on request.

To see our full collection of lamps on our website, click here.


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