When Cabinet-Makers Unite: A Love Story

We may not know a great deal about the day to day lives of 18th century cabinet-makers, but there is one (romantic!) story that deserves attention.

The renowned cabinet-maker Giles Grendey (who we have discussed here and here), had seven children: Mary, Elizabeth, Mary (another one), another daughter, Sukey, and Sam. Sukey went on to marry John Cobb, a cabinet-maker who worked in partnership with William Vile. Their marriage announcement appears on 31 March 1755 in the General Evening Post. The announcement reads

The same Day was married at St John’s Clerkenwell, Mr. John Cobb, Partner with Mr. Vile, the Corner of Long-Acre, to Miss Sukey Gredney, Daughter of Mr. Grendey, an eminent Timber Merchant in St John’s Square.


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