Anyone for Cards…..?

Fashions in furniture changed constantly throughout the 18th century, and there are certain pieces of furniture that particularly demonstrated these changing trends. Card tables in particular are a very good example. All of the major 18th century design books include examples of card tables and the plenty of them survive to this day. We are … Continue reading Anyone for Cards…..?

The Auspicious Nature of Red and Gold

With Chinese New Year fast approaching (February the 12th), it seems appropriate to study pieces in our collection with links to the Far East through their use of the auspicious colours red and gold/yellow. These colours are particularly linked to the New Year celebrations - and we are used to seeing lanterns decorated in these … Continue reading The Auspicious Nature of Red and Gold

Chippendale and his Director

First issued in 1754, Thomas Chippendale's The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director was both the first and most influential English furniture design book of the 18th century. Although it is impossible to ascertain how many of the designs contained within the Director were in fact created by Chippendale himself and how many were re-workings of pre-existing … Continue reading Chippendale and his Director

Chinese Export Furniture & Works of Art

Broadly speaking, Chinese export furniture can be divided into two distinct categories. Those pieces made to conform to a Westernised concept of the Chinese style and those made after Western prototypes-often only distinguishable from their European equivalents because of differences in construction and the use of peculiarly Chinese timbers. The English fascination with the orient … Continue reading Chinese Export Furniture & Works of Art