Attributions may change but Quality always endures

The study of English antique furniture is an ever-evolving field and new discoveries are made every year which shed new light on cabinet-makers and their work, sometimes leading to radical re-evaluations of styles and the dating and attribution of individual pieces. The systematic study of English antique furniture is a relatively new idea - the … Continue reading Attributions may change but Quality always endures

The Impact of Decorative Furniture

In this post, we will be taking a look at a range of decorative tables, of relatively modern creation, that have been specifically designed to harmonise with 18th century furniture in a variety of interior settings. These are not generally reproductions of antique pieces - instead they offer elegant solutions to problems often faced by … Continue reading The Impact of Decorative Furniture

Chippendale and his Director

First issued in 1754, Thomas Chippendale's The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director was both the first and most influential English furniture design book of the 18th century. Although it is impossible to ascertain how many of the designs contained within the Director were in fact created by Chippendale himself and how many were re-workings of pre-existing … Continue reading Chippendale and his Director

Chinese Export Furniture & Works of Art

Broadly speaking, Chinese export furniture can be divided into two distinct categories. Those pieces made to conform to a Westernised concept of the Chinese style and those made after Western prototypes-often only distinguishable from their European equivalents because of differences in construction and the use of peculiarly Chinese timbers. The English fascination with the orient … Continue reading Chinese Export Furniture & Works of Art